Energy Efficient Exterior Coating Technology

Cool Life® is a high-build coating system constructed using a 100% acrylic resin.

Cool Life® Exterior Coating Technology

Established in 1963 by a WWII veteran and UCLA chemist, Florida Cool Seal prioritizes the customer and boasts three generations of the Sibbrel and Benson family. Cool Life is a high density,  energy efficient sealant contructed using 100% acrylic resin. It provides up to 400% elongation and flexes with changes in temperature. Its high density finish is waterproof and expands and contracts with building movement, which provides maximum protection against water damages and cracking even in the most severe weather. This is especially beneficial in climates with harsh sun,  extreme heat,  humidity,  and severe rain which damages a home’s exterior over time. Where most exterior paints will chip and blister over time with the constant change in weather, Cool Life® adapts to it, far outlasting even the sturdiest of paints.

Cool Life® coatings are superior to regular paints as Cool Life® coatings create a thick waterproof layer that covers and seals even hairline cracks, helping prevent water damage. Standard paints, on the other hand, are not designed to be waterproof or fill cracks, causing deterioration of exterior walls which leads to mold and mildew forming throughout the wall itself.

Cool Life® is the most advanced exterior coating technology available today for your home. This specially designed exterior coating has been proven to reduce surface heat caused by the sun’s infrared rays. For the customer, this means a lower exterior temperature which results in a cooler home and reduced AC costs. Without Cool Life® , a standard home can absorb up to 90% of the sun’s heat. When Cool Life is applied to your home,  the electricity savings add up.

Why Choose Cool Life®?

Cool Life® presents a superior choice for your home’s exterior. Unlike regular paint, it shields against harmful UV rays. With up to 21% energy reduction, it lowers temperatures and saves on costs. This dependable sunscreen fortifies the home against external elements providing exceptional adhesion, elasticity, and flexibility to protect wood and masonry. It defends against stucco damage and wood rot,  is mildew resistant and, Cool Life retains the color and beauty of your home. Cool Life® halts stain bleed-through, preserves appearance, and prevents cracks. It repels moisture,  rain and humidity and combats against mold and pests. Its exclusive warranty covers crack treatment. The innovative system resists water, weather, mold, and mildew. Florida Cool Seal offers a comprehensive solution for lasting exterior enhancement and protection.

Why is Cool Life energy saving coating better than paint?

Cool Life energy-saving coating surpasses traditional paint due to its advanced technology. Unlike regular paint, energy-saving coatings are designed to reflect a larger portion of the sun’s UV rays, reducing heat absorption and subsequently lowering energy consumption for cooling. These coatings possess exceptional insulating properties that contribute to maintaining more stable indoor temperatures. Furthermore, energy-saving coatings often exhibit higher durability and resistance to environmental factors, making them a more sustainable and cost-effective choice in the long run.

Our Process


  • Trench 4-6 inches deep around perimeter of home where possible
  • Inhibits capillary action of ground moisture into wall surface

Hydro Blast

  • This procedure removes dirt, stains, loose paint, and foreign substances
  • Surface defects in need of repair or patching revealed
  • Provides clean, tight surface for bonding of primer and coating to substrate

Scraping & Sanding

  • It takes “elbow grease” and no one likes to do it, but it must be done to ensure that the old paint does not cause the new coating to peel. Power sanders and grinders are sometimes used to get the job done.

Patch & Repair

  • Caulk windows, seams and gaps in woodwork and patch masonry cracks to avoid moisture and prevent peeling
  • Patching creates a sound and uniform surface for coating

Mask & Priming

  • Cover or mask shrubs, windows, and other surfaces for protection
  • Prepare all trim surfaces
  • Prime all surfaces with 100% acrylic primer

Wall & Finish

  • Coat all trim and fascia surfaces
  • Highest quality ingredients used for trim coats
  • Apply finishing touches.

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